At a moment of weakness, I was dazzled. Look at me now; broken, shattered dreams, destroyed soul, withering pain consuming me, locked in my own bubble of anguish. My vibrant talks silenced, my soul poisoned, my mind harassed. Is there a way to walk out of this life?


Vivacious Valentine!

Don't curse me with unrequited love,Render my soul with champagne kisses, For two shall become one, Exchanging silent promises feeding passion and pride, Let me confess my undying love for you,

Fragrance Of Myrtles

I inhaled immortality to engulf pain by pain, Leaving me to gasp for air to breathe, I inhaled love to clench emotions by emotions, Leaving me to cry for something true and real.

Amethyst Nights that I Adore

Can you claim it as a crime, If I can't stop adoring all those amethyst nights we spent together!? Those nights when I was healed from all betrayal wounds that sting,

I see my sunshine cracking through closed doors.

I regret. I regret a lot. I regret not doing certain things. I regret saying YES. I regret saying NO. I regret laughing out loud. I regret talking. I regret that I can’t keep up with standards people around. I regret I wasn’t capable of taking up all opportunities that where knocking my door. I regret breathing. I regret the helplessness.

MEMOIR – A Remembrance !

I never waited for you, Not even for a call or message. I did not want you in my life anymore, Thats the depth of the betrayal I have gone through. I lost myself to heartbreak ! It hurts to know that the person I loved most had created an illusion around me. Each and […]