Surreal Realities – Intoxicated In Love 

I am clumsy girl inscribed with enigma. I am letting you puzzle out that mystery I hide behind. Like a stream rolling down the stratum of mountains, valleys and plateus; you will have to travel through darkest alleys of my soul.


October Vibes !

This october started with many emotions. All mixed up, never been so confused. Finding it difficult to deal and be myself. Everything just goes deep and gets deeper. Little things makes me happy, Little things makes me all tensed ! Ask me " How are you ?!" I will smile wide and tell you how … Continue reading October Vibes !


She Was AMBITIOUS but LAZY ! She wanted someone to MOTIVATE her & she became an INSPIRATION ! She feared of sharing PAIN and then decided to  SMILE throughout the journeY! She was always Dad's PRNCESS bt dont expect her to be WEAK! She alwayS PLANNED life but life TAUGHT not to do so ! … Continue reading LIVE FOR ♥