​I woke up to the burning pain, Struggling hard to open my eyes, Odor of medicines hit my nostrils strong, Whispers of doctors, nurses filled my ears. I lay over a hospital bed, Immersed in horrific pain, Fears stirred deep inside my mind, Nightmares caged my soul. A colourless and pungent smelling liquid. An evil … Continue reading BEATIFIC WINS, EVIL NEVER PREVAILS


Wild and Eager

Born into the world of green, I am eager to crawl and roll in her lap, Let myself paint in brown, Dress in fragrance of flora, Undress in wandering streams.

Surreal Realities – Intoxicated In Love 

I am clumsy girl inscribed with enigma. I am letting you puzzle out that mystery I hide behind. Like a stream rolling down the stratum of mountains, valleys and plateus; you will have to travel through darkest alleys of my soul.