Surreal Realities – Intoxicated In Love 

I am clumsy girl inscribed with enigma. I am letting you puzzle out that mystery I hide behind. Like a stream rolling down the stratum of mountains, valleys and plateus; you will have to travel through darkest alleys of my soul.


Vivacious Valentine!

Don't curse me with unrequited love,Render my soul with champagne kisses, For two shall become one, Exchanging silent promises feeding passion and pride, Let me confess my undying love for you,

Fragrance Of Myrtles

I inhaled immortality to engulf pain by pain, Leaving me to gasp for air to breathe, I inhaled love to clench emotions by emotions, Leaving me to cry for something true and real.

Amethyst Nights that I Adore

Can you claim it as a crime, If I can't stop adoring all those amethyst nights we spent together!? Those nights when I was healed from all betrayal wounds that sting,


  Love ... A single word, four alphabets with so much depth and uniqueness ♥ When that someone special enters, then the countdown begins. Life takes risky huge U turn. The feeling flows in our veins. When its true, it should make us feel complete. It will motivate to live, conquer and achieve impossible. Its … Continue reading CHEERS TO NON EXISTING LOVE LIFE !

Listen, my future.

I have never dreamed about meeting you,the way we would meet or how we would confess our undying true love for each other ♥ Cause feared i would lose the freshness Cause i started pretending that i would never have a soulmate Cause i was insecure about myself Cause relationships around me were all too … Continue reading Listen, my future.