Cherished, Celebrated and highly talked about!

​Life is never going to be easy. There will be a lot to cross in her path to succeed; being born into world of contradictions, growing up listening to the murmurs of society gossipers, choosing to chase her passion in the midst of all mess, deciding to ignore all taunts for dreaming big & aiming high.

Somewhere in between the struggles, she found her beautiful self reflecting. Somehow in between those mess, she learnt to never let go what makes her happy. And that is how she met people, her own people who rooted for her, like legends say Universe would definetely root for a girl, lady/woman who has a compulsive attitude for living.

Every now and then maybe a doubt would have creeped. After all we are all humans, imperfect but elegantly flawed individuals. That is why when we decide to build our empire with all courage inspired from the history, will lead to a history making in her present.

A woman who knows what she want from her life, a woman who inhales courage, a woman who exhales doubts, a woman who is made of ambition, a woman in whose blood passion flows, a woman whose words are all inspiration, a woman who will develop into something beyond your imaginations, a woman she is.

She will be that woman, whose presence in this world should be cherished, celebrated and talked highly about.

Making such woman from a small girl, we will have to defeat all haters who would want to humiliate for whatever she is. Encourage your daughter to build her own empire, after all she is the Queen. A Princess to her parents, but Queen of her own Kingdom.


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