Wild and Eager

​I walk into the wonder of green,

Step by step I stare at sky drizzling,

Awestruck with love seeping through,

I watch brown soil covered by leaves,

They rustle with each drops hit,

Aroma of mud fills my soul,

While soil imbibes the rain water.

Born into the world of green,

I am eager to crawl and roll in her lap,

Let myself paint in brown,

Dress in fragrance of flora,

Undress in wandering streams.

Fashion took over my nature sense,

But I am still awestruck,

While I walk through paths of unknown,

In the middle of greenery,

Cause these kick my spirits to be alive.

I will let you embrace me,

Wild and crazy,

I will follow you,

Eager and curious.

Soothe me with your lullabies,

For I am your innocent kid,

Caress my cheeks,

For I am your wild child,

Lead my feets for a jaunt,

For I want to conquer self discovery.


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