Surreal Realities – Intoxicated In Love 

​Maybe I am dreaming. Or maybe hallucinating. This reality seems so surreal. I take a quick glance to the most handsome guy beside me. Maybe making sure of your presence will help me to settle down my stormy thoughts.

My soul entwined with yours, feather like emotions wander with breeze of love. My head on your shoulders, I sight waves of ocean growl in desire of tempest. Your thumb swirling through my curls, my heart only desires to chant your name.

I am clumsy girl inscribed with enigma. I am letting you puzzle out that mystery I hide behind. Like a stream rolling down the stratum of mountains, valleys and plateus; you will have to travel through darkest alleys of my soul. 

You say the moment your eyes took in my sight was magical. You say you were stuck and was afraid to move. You say you didn’t want to lose the beautiful sight of me. And I am glad you found me. You took me by surprise, swept my feet off the ground I stood firm and I am blessed to have explored the home you have built for  me.

My heart yearned for you while my cognition warned me. The thought that shook my fears were exposing all my vulnerabilities, to break all the walls I had build securely, and then let you in. The intensity of feelings you ignited within my soul had worried me. 

I watch you mesmerized while my name roll through your lips. I feel your hearbeats racing with every step I take towards you. I see your grin deepening reflecting my gorgeous smile. And I can only see you among huge crowd. You – my King, I only want to live rest of my life being your Queen.


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