“Wounded, Healing, Healed”

​No. I don’t want to blame anything on you. Cause I know we both lead us to this disastrous ending. We failed to make an effort for us to survive. Followed paths and advises of ego broken failed relationships. Perhaps, we should have explored unknown path to embrace warmth of love. Maybe we should have had small talks builting up an eternal bliss. Avoid battle against each other to fight for us. We should have preferred to feel alive in little moments of love rather than going behind materialistic leisures. 

I wish we should have done alot of things, that could have helped us to be together to take on a journey of forever. Accept mistakes and apologise. Be proud for each others success. Celebrating life bounded with love. But then we both failed. Penting up frustration and temper never helped us. We lost each other to the boundless time. Growing apart as each seconds ticked away. 

I realise, we failed together. This was it. Nothing lasted for long in my life. You too din’t last. Faded away. Shrinked into memories that hurt. Longing for you. But I won’t blame you. We both did mistakes. 

Haunting memories took my joy. To calm my mind was another tough task to deal with. But I have learnt now. To wake up, breathe again, to sleep again. In between time, I do make an effort to smile, to laugh, enjoy colors of life, make conversations to feel alive again. 

They are working out slowly. Patience imbibed. I heal my wounds, dress up my emotions to stay strong. And that is the biggest gift I can offer to me. ♥



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