​I choose to settle in hope ridden phase, where only darkness could rule. A light peeking in was petrifying. I knew I could not handle any more pain, if someone chooses to enter and leave. I will be okay all alone; away from the evil thoughts society reflects, away from the treachery traps, away from orthodox social norms, away from the pain I had to face, away from everything that will deepen my wounds.

At a moment of weakness, I was dazzled. Look at me now; broken, shattered dreams, destroyed soul, withering pain consuming me, locked in my own bubble of anguish. My vibrant talks silenced, my soul poisoned, my mind harassed. Is there a way to walk out of this life? No, there is no path pointing towards happiness. I found no kind soul trying to wipe my tears. I found no empathy in peoples actions. I found no benevolent wanting to console and protect from this cruel world.

And now, I choose to accept what I thought was bestowed by destiny. I decided to hold on to this darkness and stay in this unenlightened state; where I will built my empire in  solitude, fix my drugged soul, weave my dreams back, sew my broken heart. Alone, I would do this gradually. I will find my way back to victory like I deserve. 


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