Breathe Again, Please!

I lay on my bed,

fluttering my eyelids,

feeling the cool breeze entering through my open windows,

I shiver when chillness soothe my skin,

then I realize how much I miss having you near me,

While my attention is caught by dream catcher tuning an opus,

craving for your mellifluous voice a tear slide away,

I shut my eyes to block realities creeping back,

But emptiness is what I acquire,

like a stubborn kid I deny to accept your demise,

the ugly truth of your death creates a flapping sensation within my soul,

I plead you to breathe again,

crawl back to me dusting off the dirt from  your grave,

Never will I hesitate to be in your arms again.

FOR MORE IN Aesha Kallattuvalapil



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