Vivacious Valentine!

Don’t curse me with unrequited love,Render my soul with champagne kisses,

For two shall become one,

Exchanging silent promises feeding passion and pride,

Let me confess my undying love for you,

From each emotions my soul and heart undergoes,

To the old flame that never denies the sparkle,

From ruby red promises restoring our concealed love,

To every fights we surpassed to stay in love,

Don’t deny your love that I yearn for,

Enclose my mind with violet dreams,

For soul shall surrender forever,

Capturing someone like you to grasp eternity,

Let us go back to home built with warmth of deep love,

We can only ponder on our future to let go dreadful past,

Never will those awful memories cut off our togetherness,

Every time you brighten my life,

I can’t hold back anymore,

My heart beats are on marathon to make you mine,

To be my special one,

Be my vivacious valentine!


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