Fragrance Of Myrtles

I inhaled fragrance of myrtles spreading love and immortality,
Immortal were my scars and painful was my love,
Heart wrenches and pain constricts while life intoxicates,
Can I ever get away from you?!
Get away from those wounds you chiseled,
Get away from hurtful words pierced into my nerves,
Get away from the pain killing my soul,
Let me drown in this last shot of whiskey,
Maybe it will set me free,
Remember I was always a girl living with a forest inside her,
Always wild and free grasping lap full of love,
But you set me in fire when you left me,
I have not burned into ashes,
I live with pain of half dead with damaged soul,
I inhaled immortality to engulf pain by pain,
Leaving me to gasp for air to breathe,
I inhaled love to clench emotions by emotions,
Leaving me to cry for something true and real.


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