Amethyst Nights that I Adore

Can you claim it as a crime,
If I can’t stop adoring all those amethyst nights we spent together!?
Those nights when I was healed from all betrayal wounds that sting,
Those nights when peace was restored erasing worries,
Those nights when nightmares were replaced by soul calming heart beats,
Those nights when I finally stopped rewinding hurtful words once heard,
Those nights when my discolored tulip regained its red love and purple royalty,
Those nights when you taught me to enjoy the swag of messed up hair,
Those are the nights when poppies growing lead to death of my insecurities and sorrow,
Those are the nights when my tears turned to pearls of smile,
Those are the nights I want to keep repeating forever,
Those are the nights when stars grasped each of our words of endearment,
Those are the nights that I can’t stop adoring cause you whispered into my ears those words I yearned “Come away with me for I promise eternal love with blood pumping adventures to create heart warming memories”.

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