MEMOIR – A Remembrance !

I never waited for you,

Not even for a call or message.

I did not want you in my life anymore,

Thats the depth of the betrayal

I have gone through.

I lost myself to heartbreak !

It hurts to know that the person

I loved most had created an illusion

around me.

Each and every word was a lie,

There is no beautiful moments,

They are dark past.

I wish I could erase those memories

I want to move on

Let those sorrows go

And trust new people.

But you are that traitor

Who gave me scars

That are hard to wipe off.

You destroyed my soul,

You took away my smiles.

I have evolved and changed.

You are somewhere far away,

In my memory.

Your betrayal lessons are

What i am thankful for.

Not all can be a great tutor

But your lessons are precious

And well remembered !

I love the person i am

right now.

Alot more gaurded when its

about love life.

There is so much love and care

for people around.

And heart and mind that

follows passion ♡♥♡ ©aesha_kallattuvalapil


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