2017 – Arrived !

2017 – Let it be a year of determination and confidence. Let nothing stop you from living your life. Until its your family and loved ones. No stopping over people who betrayals. No crying over past heartaches. No worrying over people who do not deserve you. No wasting time over worthless issues.
Just focus on what you want from life. Grow a backbone to follow your dreams. Then boost your confidence but never your ego. Pursue your dreams and on sideline make everything to put a smile on your parents face.
Life is too too short to grieve. Who knows which petals will fall down ? Not a pessimist. But stating a obvious fact. So why waste time hating, arguing, hurting each other. Lets fill this year with so much goodness that evil has frown fixed on him.
Every year some of us make new year resolutions. We may or may not follow them. But make sure this year, you haunt them, corner them and win over.
With love and good wishes,
Let us greet upcoming new year with joy and optimism.


Start focusing on loving yourself. Start believing in yourself. Start showing your loved ones how much importance they hold. Start pursuing your dreams. Start letting go everything that holds back. Start smiling more. Start reading what is worth your time. Start spending on pampering yourself. Start a life you dream, cause they are meant to be reality soon. Start eating healthy. Start loving others too. Start sharing and caring when others deserve. Start running. Start a trip that lasts forever. Start spreading positive thoughts. Start putting effort in improving life around. Start cracking lame jokes. Start anything that you have wanted to do. Start everything you wanted to do.
Cause What else are  New year for! Start when its possible. Cause you there deserve every ounce of joy.


Mantra for 2017 is Self-love and Self-discovery. What will I do without me! Yeah.. So lemme focus on me. And you too.


My first attempt on TANKA this 2017.
Tanka will have 31 syllable.
One and third line having 5 and remaining lines 7 syllables.


Haiku on Jan 1 2017
This haiku has 17 syllable. And its 2017 ♥
Thats how I waited for 2017

Happy 2017. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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