2016 – Thank You


2016 have been amazing to me. Even though with the problems I faced, my focus now is solely on the positive outcome of the year. My happiness, joy and pain have always been from within. My mood swings are never someone’s doing. They are all from me.But there are few my people who make me feel better with their presence in my life. I started 2016 with immense hope of buttering and bringing betterment in my life. Jan 01/2016 was very peaceful and calm day that I spent with my family. But the year was not so cool and calm. It was a  roller coaster ride. Every month I had one important hope and ride to focus on. Maybe I havent crossed all finishing lines. But for sure I can tell you that I have tried and sometimes won. The joy, fun, laugh and togetherness from Survey Camp. My first experience of living away from my family.March – Birthday month is always my fav. There is so much boundless happiness. Those wishes, blessings, cakes and gifts make tonnes of memory to be stored.Visiting hometown (Trichur,Kerala) is just a pure bliss. With my family around I have nothing to worry about. Them staying at my home was also such a memorable experience. Having food together, staying late nights to catch up each others life.. Then the Freshers day of Civil Engg. KVGCE. From Preparing bucketlist, Creating a blog, Joining mirakee and haikujam, having courage to upload everything I write in Instagram, College Life, knowing to try is better than doing nothing, laughing, crying, staying depressed, Getting back in tune, facing all emotional dramas, going through betrayal, being harsh to few, trying to smile always, health turns out to be a villian, consistent leg pain with the my lovely fat deposited, Cant stop eating to writing down these – 2016 have been handfull. Even though while I know my happiness should be independant. I am grateful for all of them who have supported, been there to lean on, made me happy, taught me something new, encouraged, loved, cared, shared, trusted, motivated, inspired. These made me genuinely happy. I am also grateful to people who have betrayed, back stabbed, hurted, demotivated… They taught me. ©aesha


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