Scrawl #2


I know. I cant replace anyone in your life. And I am not here for that. I just wanted to occupy lil part of your heart. I just wanted to grab a few mins of your thought process.
A little and few is what I wanted. And that is where I went wrong. You wanted me in whole while denying little and few that could bring alot of joy for me. I wanted tiny gifts. You bought me huge surprises. But still I felt abandoned. Those surprises dint surprise me afterall. You dint have lil time to spare for me. Phone Call.Order.Surprise Ready.
And I am sitting all alone in room full of people. Your absence. That pushed me into this solitude. I am only accompanied with your absence here while you keep demanding my whole attention. I have befriended the pain you bring me. There I lost my serenity of life. Losing myself. Loving someone so ignorant about my love. Creating a mess around. Falling in every dark pits on the way to love myself. I am lost. Without you. But you are royally ignoring. And I keep failing every time. In the mission of hating you.


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