Love … A single word, four alphabets with so much depth and uniqueness ♥

When that someone special enters, then the countdown begins. Life takes risky huge U turn. The feeling flows in our veins.
When its true, it should make us feel complete. It will motivate to live, conquer and achieve impossible. Its a miracle I would say because it happens in a very unexpected way. In love, we follow what our heart says over what our mind thinks. The feeling rules us.

We keep daydreaming about 1000 ways we would meet our love, how the proposal stage may turn out to be, fear of rejection, how we may evolve as couples, how we will soon get addicted to each other. Isn’t it?!

In our entire life, we will have to go through few heartbreaks to realize and deeply know how True Love exactly is.Isn’t it okay ? It is. Because finally we will know how to value love of our life. Thats what makes whole experience wonderful.Once we find that one person, life is bliss♥

You feel deeply connected to that person. Whole of our life suddenly start revolving around them. You go to random dates where you talk non-stop and sit comfortably in silence. Listening to heartbeats, reading books to each other, lifting each others spirit, singing songs, watching ocean tides go wild, cook favorite recipes, making memories, sudden plans to small picnics, organizing trips, celebrating birthdays to anniversary and creating & recreating memories.

We would want to grow old together through all the silly arguments, fights and laughs. Sharing secrets and giving surprises to make them happy, which in turn will make you happy.

Fall In Love And Then Grow Old with your love ♥ That gives great meaning to our whole life ♡



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