Lets help people around to rise !

“ No matter how much light I carry within me, there will always be times of feeling lost, being confused, seeking direction. It is the way of the human heart. “
-Joyce Rupp
Among us we have people who are less certain, everything is so much scattered.
Where do we start & how do we start,
Or is it a RESTART!
It’s much easier to start than restart; the toughest deal is to restart because it comes with a baggage.
It gets tougher when everything around keeps pointing at us. Everyone around leave us. Nothing positive will be found. There will be success talk. But truth to be told, we talk more about others failure than their success.
Let’s destroy all the self-esteem and self-confidence remaining. Let’s just break them into bits. Let’s shatter down their soul. Let’s push them into dark. Let’s kill their genuine smile that spread over their innocent faces. Let’s make them feel low. And put them into cage of depression. This is what many of us do to our own loved ones when they go through tough phase.
We may not do it purposefully but we do it. From silly stupid unnecessary comments to harshly told rude words. We make it harder on them to get out of those phase. That’s why we always need to be careful with our words. We surely can’t look out for everyone around us. But we do have time to spare for our loved ones.
We lack listening skills. We are good in assuming. Assume that they are fine. Sometimes misunderstand their actions. We never have patience to clarify. We assume then over think and kill peace.
That’s where ‘ifs’ play an important role. What if she/he was fighting their battle and did not have time to praise you? What if she/he is hurt so much that they forgot to make you all happy? Some times with all self-love quotes going around, we become self-obsessed. We stop thinking from next person’s perspective. And what matters is all about our own happiness. We just can’t be so selfish. They are why we grew to love ourselves.
Self respect, Self love and Self esteem are all must. But make sure you lift your loved ones when they need you. There are few people who made you fall in love with yourself. Show your gratitude by lending a listening ear. That’s what they want. Not just solutions. They need someone who they can be comfortable sharing their weakness, which can make them feel good about all their good deeds and then correct mistakes.
Spread love and positive thoughts. At last what remains is how much you made others smile and laugh. How you showed your life was worth it and how you inspired people around. ©aesha


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