She wanted someone to MOTIVATE her & she became an INSPIRATION !
She feared of sharing PAIN and then decided to  SMILE throughout the journeY!
She was always Dad’s PRNCESS bt dont expect her to be WEAK!
She alwayS PLANNED life but life TAUGHT not to do so !
She wanted so much to do in life But all she could hear was NEGATIVE REMARKS!
She wanted to RISE from ASHES
To be synonym of phoeniX
To create her own worlD
To love all and take all of them along her success
To move on from negatives
To dress up with Optimism
Dreamt of being succeSS
To tag all along her growth and joy
AND always wanted TO LiVe FoR HeR PARENTS ! ♥♡♥♡ ©aesha_kallattuvalapil


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