Untold Broken Tales – Mysterious Art 

I could feel exhaustion take over my life, With trembling hands I cover my thoroughly scrubbed skin, I could see skin- deep wounds glow red, I knew nothing will take away those imprints of disgust and dirt, My blood oozed into the fabric of peace and calm, And deep cuts altered my laughs into cries of agony.


Cherished, Celebrated and highly talked about!

​Life is never going to be easy. There will be a lot to cross in her path to succeed; being born into world of contradictions, growing up listening to the murmurs of society gossipers, choosing to chase her passion in the midst of all mess, deciding to ignore all taunts for dreaming big & aiming … Continue reading Cherished, Celebrated and highly talked about!


​I woke up to the burning pain, Struggling hard to open my eyes, Odor of medicines hit my nostrils strong, Whispers of doctors, nurses filled my ears. I lay over a hospital bed, Immersed in horrific pain, Fears stirred deep inside my mind, Nightmares caged my soul. A colourless and pungent smelling liquid. An evil … Continue reading BEATIFIC WINS, EVIL NEVER PREVAILS

Wild and Eager

Born into the world of green, I am eager to crawl and roll in her lap, Let myself paint in brown, Dress in fragrance of flora, Undress in wandering streams.

Surreal Realities – Intoxicated In Love 

I am clumsy girl inscribed with enigma. I am letting you puzzle out that mystery I hide behind. Like a stream rolling down the stratum of mountains, valleys and plateus; you will have to travel through darkest alleys of my soul.

“Wounded, Healing, Healed”

I realise, we failed together. This was it. Nothing lasted for long in my life. You too din't last. Faded away. Shrinked into memories that hurt. Longing for you. But I won't blame you. We both did mistakes.